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[January 30, 2003]
The Edge has a new Taylor 810ce LTD
According to "Wood and Steel" the Taylor Guitars quarterly publication (Volume 35/Winter 2003) "U2's The Edge recently beefed up his Taylor stash with an 810ce LTD.  These Mexican hardwood cocobolo limited editions include a cocobolo peghead overlay and trimming each glorious set of cocobolo in either koa or maplefrom body binding up to the neck and peghead. The Dreadnoughts have been re-voiced and a Grand Auditorium 12-string rounds out the series. Additional specifications are the same as standard 800 Series guitars and can be viewed by clicking here and choosing the corresponding model."

[October 20, 2002]
U2 using Visual Sound pedals!
Fraser McAllister, guitar tech for U2, called us in March 2000, saying that Edge wanted to buy a Jekyll & Hyde and a Route 66. Apparently he had heard good things about them and wanted to give them a test drive. So we shipped off 2 pedals to Ireland and waited to hear the verdict.

A week later, Fraser called back to say that Edge liked both pedals a lot and was especially flipping over Route 66. He also said that Daniel Lanois, U2's producer, loved the Route 66 pedal and "would it be OK if we bought another one?" !! So off went another Route 66 pedal to Ireland. Rumor has it that the pedals ended up being used in several places on their Grammy Award-winning CD! Although Visual Sound does not have any official endorsers, we're honored to know that our pedals are being used by a world-class act like U2.

UPDATE: A reviewer on the Web recently posted the following: "Even the player The Edge of U2 loves his pedals! Saw one of the Visual Sound (H2O CHORUS) pedals on top of speaker-cab at the backround from The Edge when he was playing on the Elevation 2001 U2 Live from Boston DVD."
I didn't know he had picked up an H2O, but I'm pleased he's using it! - Bob Weil

Edge and Morliegh's Wedding Day!

The Edge and Morleigh have finally tied the knot in a romantic celebrity filled ceremony in the South of France.

The Edge, real name Dave Evans, married long term partner Morleigh Steinberg in pure Edge-style by wearing his woolly beanie hat during the nuptials.

Edge met Morleigh on the Zoo tv tour in 1992 where she worked as a choreographer and dancer.

250 guests attended and included their children Sian (4) and Levi (2). Also at the ceremony was Bono, his wife Ali, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, Dennis Hopper, Lenny Kravitz, Helena Christensen, and Dave Stewart.

Congrats Edge!


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