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1945 - Epiphone - Elektra lap steel


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1945 - Epiphone - Elektra lap steel:
This is the lap steel that The Edge used to play the slide parts for "Surrender" (War) during the (1983) War tour and (1984-85) The Unforgettable Fire tour.
The Epiphone Elektra lap steel was bought second hand in Nashville in 1982 during the October tour.
The year of this lap steel seemed a bit in question. I have seen a few sites name it as anything from a 1939 to 1945. The January 1985 "Musician" magazine lists it as an either 1939 or 1940. The Edge stated that it was a 1945 model, in the June 1985 issue of "Guitar Player" (U.S.).
The Edge stated that he studied a variety of traditional tunings for this instrument but did not find any of them to be too interesting, as they were merely Country tunings. He then developed his own tuning for the Elektra.

1945 - Epiphone - Elektra lap steel