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19xx - Bond - Electric Light


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19xx - Bond - Electric Light
[From Guitar World/July 1987]
The Edge: "I'm interested in abusing technology. There's a revolutionary new guitar called a Bond Electric Light, which is a very finely-crafted guitar without proper frets. instead it has little serrations. I tried to incorporate it into my playing armory and found that it wasn't working, until I discovered the things you can do if you really sort of abused it! I got fantastic results. Like the sort of heavy fuzz guitar at the end of "One Tree Hill", and the last three tracks on the middle of side two - that is the sound of the Bond.
It's and English guitar, I do not know if they are still made [as of the Juen 1987 interview, they were no longer made]. I got it three or four years ago.
The neck is made of some kind of plastic, so it is more flexible than most wooden necks. I discovered that Icould bend the neck so that the strings vibrated on the fretboard as I played - and the guitar having no frets - it created a different kind of effect."