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Cologne. July 13, 2001

The Edge during "Rattle And Hum" sessions @ The Pt. Depot

195x- Fender Stratocaster - natural finish
This 1950's era Stratocaster is best know to U2/The Edge fans as the one used for playing "Stuck In A Moment...".
As per The Edge [Guitar Player/January 2001] this vintage Stratocaster was also used for the studio recording of "In A Little While". (Although, he'd go on to use his creme finish Les Paul for live renditions during the Elevation 2001 tour.)
This guitar was not a recent aquisition, in terms of it's use at the time of the recording for "All That You Can't Leave Behind". In fact, he'd had the guitar since the Rattle And Hum sessions [Dublin/Point Depot]. It can be seen in the Rattle  and Hum book.
The Edge's technician Dallas Schoo said that The Edge had used this guitar in the studio, previous to "All That You Can't Leave Behind" album sessions. Although he did not state for which albums or songs. He also said that The Edge had promised him that he would never take this guitar out on tour.
As we all know by now...  in the end...  The Edge did not keep this promise. In his January 2001 Guitar Player interview, The Edge mentioned that he'd fallen for the sound of the pure tone of a great guitar and amp combination with little or no effects. It might be for this reason (wanting to recreate "that" exact warm tone of Stuck In A Moment...") that The Edge went against his promise to not take this special guitar out on tour.