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PREFACE: The Edge has used a number of guitars over the years. Listed below are the guitars that I have seen in at shows, in video's and/or read about in magazines, books or online.


Bond Electric Light - 198x - (finish unknown):
NotesThis fretless English guitar was used by The Edge for the "heavy fuzz at the end of ONE TREE HILL". Also used on "The last three tracks on the middle of side two - that sound is the Bond", per The Edge. This guitar is no longer made. (Guitar World / p55 / July 1987)
Studio Use: One Tree Hill (album), Exit, Mothers Of The Disappeared (per: (Guitar World / p55 / July 1987)
Concert Use: None.
Video/VHS/DVD: None.



Epiphone Elektra lap steel - 1945:
Notes: The Edge bought this at Gruhn's in Nashville, TN (USA) in 1982 during the October tour. It was used for SURRENDER on the WAR album and WAR & THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE tours. "It's a great old thing, tuned in an unusual way". "(I'd) researched the tunings but did not find them interesting; that they were too "country". The Edge said in the June 1985 Guitar Player interview. In the end, The Edge ended up making his own tuning. "I put the strings in couples, two octaves apart: The first and fourth strings are the same note, the second and the fifth notes are the same, and the thrid and sixth are the same. So there's basically three notes making a minor chordwith a ninth or a seventh" (Guitar Player / p64 / June 1985)  * Musician Magazine had listed the Elektra lap steel as being a 1939 or 1943 but this does no agree with the statements that The Edge made in the June 1985 interview in Guitar Player. (Musician /  p43 / January 1985).
Studio Use: "Surrender" (War)
Concert Use: "Surrender" during the "War" and "The Unforgettable Fire" tours.
Video/VHS/DVD: "Surrender" on the "U2: Live @ Red Rocks / Under A Blood Red Sky"


Fender Jaguar - 19xx - Lake Placid Blue (?)
Notes: This blue Jaguar (with white pickguard) first appeared in The Edge's hands in the ELECTRICAL STORM video. (2002)
Studio Use: N/A
Concert Use: N/A
Video/VHS/DVD: "Electrical Storm", "U2: Best Of 1990-2000" (VHS/DVD)

Fender Stratocaster - 19xx - Natural finish
Notes: This is the infamous "Stuck In A Moment" Strat. It has a white pickguard and a rosewood fretboard. I am not certain about the year of this guitar. I have read that it is a 50's model and that it is a 60's model. (Dallas? Which is it?!)
Studio Use: In A Little While, Stuck In A Moment. (per: Guitar Player magazine/January 2001). Dallas Schoo also mentioned that this guitar has been used on other albums (10-10-01 webcast show at Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana)
Concert Use: "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of"
Video/VHS/DVD: "Rattle and Hum" (Seen on a stand). "Elevation 2001/U2: Live From Boston" (Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of) & "U2 Go Home/Live From Slane Castle, Ireland" (Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of).

Fender Stratocaster - 19xx - Sunburst finish
Notes: This sunburst Strat has a white pickguard and a rosewood fretboard. I am not certain about the year of this guitar.
Studio Use: Unknown.
Concert Use: "Pride", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".
Video/VHS/DVD: Rattle and Hum. "Pride" & "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" on the "U2: Popmart Live In Mexico City". "Pride" (U2: Go Home/Live From Slane Castle, Ireland").