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List of guitars used by: The Edge

PREFACE: The Edge has used a number of guitars over the years. Listed below are the guitars that I have seen in at shows, in video's and/or read about in magazines, books or online.


Bond Electric Light - 198x - (finish unknown):
This fretless English guitar was used by The Edge for the "heavy fuzz at the end of ONE TREE HILL". Also used on "The last three tracks on the middle of side two - that sound is the Bond", per The Edge. This guitar is no longer made.
- Guitar World. P. 55. July 1987



Epiphone Elektra lap steel - 1945:
The Edge bought this at Gruhn's in Nashville, TN (USA) in 1982 during the October tour. It was used for SURRENDER on the WAR album and WAR & THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE tours. "It's a great old thing, tuned in an unusual way". "(I'd) researched the tunings but did not find them interesting; that they were too "country". The Edge said in the June 1985 Guitar Player interview. In the end, The Edge ended up making his own tuning. "I put the strings in couples, two octaves apart: The first and fourth strings are the same note, the second and the fifth notes are the same, and the thrid and sixth are the same. So there's basically three notes making a minor chordwith a ninth or a seventh"
- Guitar Player. p64. June 1985.
Musician Magazine had listed the Elektra lap steel as being a 1939 or 1943 but this does no agree with the statements that The Edge made in the June 1985 interview in Guitar Player.
- Musician. p43. January 1985.


Fender Jaguar - 1962 (?) - Lake Placid Blue finish:
The Edge is seen playing this guitar in the ELECTRICAL STORM video. Although, it may have been a loaner for the video shoot, I suspect it may be a new purchase, as I have been told that The Edge lost a good number of guitars to flood damage after the Hanover Quay Stuido was flooded in the spring of 2002.
- "U2: The Best of 1990-2000" DVD/VHS "Electrical Storm" video.

Fender Stratocaster - 1971 - (finish unknown):
This guitar is listed in the January 1985 Musician magazine article, "Guitar Pride". It stated that this guitar has a graphite nut, brass bridge saddles, modified Seymour Duncan "quarter pound" stack pickup and a Strat Tremolo.
- Musician. Issue # 75. p43. January 1985

Fender Telecaster - 1961 - (finish unknown):
The January 1985 Musician magazine states that The Edge has a 1961 Telecaster. This may be an error in the article. They may have been mistakenly describing the "early 1970's Tele" that the Edge talks about in the June 1985 Guitar Player interview. [The Tele used in conjunction with an e-bow for the recording & live perfomances of the title track to THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE album].
- Guitar Player. June 1985. / Musician. Issue # 75. p43. January 1985. 

Fender Telecaster - 197x - Natural finish:
I first saw The Edge used this in conjunction with an e-bow in THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE documentary. The Edge used this on THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE album/tour and THE JOSHUA TREE tour to play the title track to THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE. The year of this guitar is not certain. The Edge stated in the June 1985 Guitar Player (US) interview that it was "not a very old one - a 1970 or something." He also stated that it was an "inspiring and that you know that your will get something good with it." He uses this guitar in another Edge-made tuning: F, A, D, D, G, B, D.
- Guitar Player. p64. June 1985.



Gibson 330 - (Year unknown) - Tobacco sunburst finish:
This guitar has black P-90 pickups and a trapeze tail piece. The ES-330 models have no sustain block inside. This gives them a very acoustic sound. It can be seen in the ONE, EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING video & the (soundstage black and white footage) of the WHO'S GONNA RIDE YOUR WILD HORSES & STARING AT THE SUN videos. This guitar is also seen in the VHS during the "ZooTV" tour for "One".This guitar is seen on a stand in a number of pictures from the Hansa Studio sessions (Most of these pictures showing up in Rolling Stone, Musician (March 1992) * and in the Achung Baby CD digi-pak and CD booklet. It can also been seen on a stand next to The Edge's Vox AC30 amp in the RATTLE AND HUM footage of the band playing DESIRE **.
VIDEO: It can be seen in the ONE, EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING video & the (soundstage black and white footage) of the WHO'S GONNA RIDE YOUR WILD HORSES & STARING AT THE SUN videos ***.
LIVE: It was also used on the U2: LIVE FROM SYDNEY home video during the live performance of ONE.
- Musician. Issue # 161. p57 & p 63. March 1992 *
- RATTLE AND HUM (movie). DVD/VHS. DESIRE footage. (1988) **

Gibson Explorer - 1976 - Natural finish:
"The 1976 Gibson Explorer The Edge bought new as a teenager was the first guitar he played in U2, and for me, it is synonymous with the unique sound of its owner. The guitar has remained relatively stock. Gold Schaller tuning machines have been added, and the frets of the 16 radius rosewood neck have been replaced about three times with low and wide Dunlop 6130 fretwire. As the frets wear, they are leveled, rounded and polished to add some life between fret jobs.

The neck is quite straight, woth only .005 relief. String height at the 12th fret is 6/64 on the treble side and 7/64 on the bass side. An interesting point about the nut height (measured as the distance from the bottom of the unfretted string to the top of the first fret) is that the treble strings are very low about .005 above the first fret - but the A string rises up to .030 and the low E to .040. Dallas Schoo, The Edges long-time guitar tech, says the guitarist hits those bass strings quite hard, and they discovered the Explorer sounds best with the strings that high.

The Explorers pickups are kept lower that what I normally see 5/32 below the strings for the neck pickup, and 6/32 for the bridge pickup. The lower height means the pickups capture less bass, deliver less output and also produce a little air around the sound. In addition, The Edge has the tailpiece screwed down to the body possibly to gain as much sustain as possible from the guitar.

Schoo strings up the guitar with Ernie Balls (gauged .010-.046), and winds about two and a half turns of string around each of the post. He uses a mixture of hobby wheel lube and graphite to keep the strings from sticking to the bone nut.
- By: Gary Brawer (Guitar Player / Mar2002 / Page #25)"
This guitar is the one that The Edge many associate with The Edge. He has used this from day one to the present. It has been seen on the covers of the June 1985 & January 2001 Guitar Player magazine. The Edge was seen using this guitar as early at the 01.15.80 television show, The Late Late Show, during a performance of STORIES FOR BOYS. This guitar was used on a number of the early tunes on the RED ROCKS UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY video. It's used waned a bit during THE JOSHUA TREE tour, as The Edge began using a Les Paul a bit more and his ever growing Stratocaster collection. It did reappear during the 1992-1993 ZOOTV/ZOOROPA tours for live performances of ULTRAVIOLET (LIGHT MY WAY). The Edge's Explorer made it's big re-entry to the spotlight in the 2000 BEAUTIFUL DAY video. And it began seeing more use on the Elevation 2001 tour for live perfomances of ATYCLB tracks like BEAUTIFUL DAY & NEW YORK - as well as for performances of older songs that are very mch associated with this guitar [ie: OUT OF CONTROL, I WILL FOLLOW & 11 O'CLOCK TICK TOCK]during the Elevation 2001 tour.
While most all interviews, magazines and online sources refer to this guitar as a 1976 model, I have seen it called a 1971. I do believe the 1971 date is misinformation.
- Musician. Issue # 75. p 43. January 1985

Gibson Les Paul - 19xx - White finish (faded to cream):
The Edge has two white/cream Les Paul Customs. This one has black tone/volume knobs, black pick guard and gold pickup covers. This guitar has been seen, at times, with these pickup covers removed; exposing the pickups. This guitar can be seen in THE FLY video *. In this video it is looking more white than it does today, as it's faded to a similar cream colour as his other Les Paul Custom.
As for the year of this guitar, I have heard/read/seen a few different argument; some calling it a 1964 and some a 1972.
I am not sure that either of those is correct. Achtung Baby era photos of this guitar appear more white than cream. This leads me to believe that it is the "younger" of the two Les Paul Customs. Another thing is the black tone/volume knobs. I have been researching Les Pauls, and it seems that the black knobs on Les Pauls was a late 1970's to 1980 type of appointment. 
- U2: The Best of 1990-2000. DVD/VHS. THE FLY video *

Gibson Les Paul Custom - 1973 - White (faded to cream):
The Edge has two white/cream Les Paul Customs. This one has gold tone/volume knobs, black pick guard and gold pickup covers. This is the guitar that The Edge is seen holding on the cover of the March 1992 issue of Musician *.
- PROMO VIDEOS: The Edge is seen playing this guitar during the video for UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD **.
- VHS & LIVE: This guitar can be seen in the Live in Sydney VHS during: ZOO STATION, UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (capoed at the 3rd fret), NEW YEARS DAY (pickup covers were removed during this show/maybe tour), NUMB, DIRTY DAY, DADDY'S GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CRASHED CAR, LEMON, WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, LOVE IS BLINDNESS, CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE ***
- Musician. Issue # 161. March 1992 *
- U2: The Best of 1990-2000. DVD/VHS - UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD **
- U2: ZOOTV LIVE IN SYDNEY. VHS. (1992) ***

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - "early 1960's" - finish unknown:
The January 1985 issue of Musician magazine states that The Edge has an "early 1960's Les Paul Deluxe (that is only used on INDIAN SUMMER SKY). It might have been another error on the part of the magazine and might actually be mis-describing one of his 2 white/cream Les Paul Customs.
- Musician. Issue # 75. p43. January 1985.


Gretsch 6137 White Falcon - 19xx - White finish and gold hardware:
The Edge got this guitar just before the recording of THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE album. This was used during the UF sessions on INDIAN SUMMER SKY "and a couple of songs that didn't make it on the album", per The Edge. This is the guitar that The Edge is seen playing in the PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) [Version # 1/St. Francis Xavier Hall, Dublin] video and again on a stand in the PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) [Version # 2/Slane Castle, County Meath] video . It is also seen in the RATTLE AND HUM film during tapings of the band performing VAN DIEMEN'S LAND and DESIRE @ The Point Depot, Dublin (Ireland). The Edge said this is a "...versatile guitar with a really nice selection of sounds. It has the advantage of split pickups between the top and bottom strings, so you can change the overall emphasis of chords by tuning down, say, the bass or treble settings". This had stereo pickups but was re-wired mono. The year of this guitar is in question. The June 1985 Guitar Player article calls this guitar a 1964 but the January 1985 Musician magazine article calls it a 1959.
- Guitar Player. p66. June 1985.








Yamaha AE2000 - 198x - Tobacco sunburst finish:
I first saw The Edge use this guitar at the 1986 Self Aid show while plaing PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE). This is the guitar that The Edge is seen with in the WITH OR WITHOUT YOU and the CHRISTMAS (BABY, PLEASE COME HOME) videos. The Edge used this guitar to overdub the solo on IN GOD'S COUNTRY on THE JOSHUA TREE album. This guitar was featured on the 1987 Rolling STone magazine cover, as well at the July 1987 Guitar World magazine cover. This guitar also saw some action in the Rattle and Hum film, as The Edge can be seen playing chords on this during the WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN sequence of the movie with B.B. King. The guitar also saw some oction on the 1989 Lovetown tour in Australia and Europe.
- Guitar World. p57. July 1987